Legal Counsel of the Year

This award recognises the legal counsel working within a business or organisation for financial services who has showcased commitment to securing transactions and ensuring outstanding financial outcomes for their organisation. It includes lawyers who work in all types of Australian-operated banking and finance organisations, from the big four and top-tiers to regional financial institutions, mutual banks and insurance organisations.


This award is open to all lawyers who have been employed by a banking and finance organisation that
has operated in Australia for at least two full financial years. To be eligible for this award, the lawyer must describe how he/she has ensured favourable outcomes for their business/organisation based on activities over the 2017 calendar year.

All entrants must be aged 30 years or younger for the duration of the work being completed between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017.

Submission criteria and requirements

Please answer the following questions (400 words max per question):

  • Detail the most significant deals or cases that you have been involved in on behalf of your organisation.
  • How did you overcome challenges that emerged in completing the transaction(s) or outcome?
  • What was the significance of the transaction(s) for your organisation and how did this impact
    your career? Include financial or other relevant metrics.
  • How have you demonstrated leadership and creativity in your role?

Supporting documentation

Optional: Please include any supporting material in your submission so that the judges can consider it. This material can include references, testimonials, statistics, video, media coverage and financial or business metrics and/or statements and third-party independent data reports to support your submission.

We also encourage entrants to submit an optional short video - up to 30 seconds long - answering the question, “What does success mean to you?”