Investment Manager of the Year

This award recognises Australia’s top investment manager, considering high levels of performance in portfolio construction and investment strategy.


This award is open to a portfolio, fund or investment manager, researcher or associate and is based on activities over the 2017 calendar year.

All entrants must be aged 30 years or younger for the duration of the work being completed between
1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017.

Submission criteria and requirements

Please answer the following questions (400 words max per question):

  • Highlight how you have structured your business and offering to service the investment management needs of your fund/employer – for example, business resourcing, professional development, knowledge expansion.
  • Demonstrate the tactics, strategies and success of improving the performance of your fund/investment/portfolio.
  • Provide case studies or examples that showcase how you improve the performance outcomes of investors and how that influences business success.
  • Evidence any financial or business metrics and/or statements with supporting documentation, including audited statements, third-party independent data reports or client/partner endorsements and testimonials.

Supporting documentation

Optional: Please include any supporting material in your submission so that the judges can consider it. This material can include references, testimonials, statistics, video, media coverage and financial or business metrics and/or statements and third-party independent data reports to support your submission.

We also encourage entrants to submit an optional short video - up to 30 seconds long - answering the question, “What does success mean to you?”

Business metrics

Metric 1.1.2016 - 31.12-16 1.1.2017 - 31.12-17
Investment performance relative to benchmark
Total funds under management (FUM) ($)
Net Promoter Score (NPS) (optional).
Recommended template for those who are looking to obtain a NPS: