Recruiter of the Year

This award recognises the recruitment firm for the financial services industry that demonstrated a commitment to the promotion of young talent and gender equality within the financial services sectors. It will consider innovation, market insight and profitability, taking into account tangible benefits to business partnerships and relationships.


This award is open to all recruitment firms servicing financial services and based on activities over the
2017 calendar year.

Submission criteria and requirements

Please answer the following questions (400 words max per question):

  • Describe your approach to the recruitment of young talent within the financial services sector.
  • How did you positively engage young people to join the financial services during the 2017
    calendar year? Use specific examples, including evidence and statistics where relevant (i.e.
    business growth metrics, improved engagement, better retention/referred business).
  • What has been your greatest achievement in recruiting young people within financial services?
  • Outline your strategy - highlighting the aims, objectives and tactics - for
    developing/strengthening a recruitment program for young talent in the coming two years.
  • Provide testimonials highlighting the success of your young talent recruitment policy where

Optional: Please include any supporting material in your submission so that the judges can consider it. This material can include references, testimonials, statistics, video, media coverage and financial or business metrics and/or statements and third-party independent data reports to support your submission.