Lisa Montgomery

Mortgage and Consumer Finance Specialist | Take 2 Consulting

With more than thirty years experience in the lending and finance sectors, Lisa Montgomery is a respected leader, commentator and consumer advocate within the Australian financial services industry.

In 2004 Lisa joined Resi Mortgage Corporation as Head of Consumer Advocacy and quickly took over the direction of additional business functions, which ultimately saw her elevated to the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2010.

Prior to her role at Resi, Lisa was Head of Consumer Information and Advocacy for Wizard Home Loans, as Brand spokesperson and customer relations champion, Lisa became the most quoted individual in the country for Home Loan products, services and related issues.

Before her time at Wizard, Lisa spent three years at financial services information provider and online ratings agency, Infochoice Ltd where she reached the level of CEO and ultimately took the business to profitability.

In 2012 Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently retired from her role as Chief Executive Officer of Resi Mortgage Corporation to focus on her health.

Today, as a nationally recognized consumer advocate, Lisa provides regular commentary for, national radio and television. She is a Board member of the Breast Cancer Network Australia and holds the position of Senior Counsel at

Lisa continues to enjoy her ‘encore’ career as a specialist business strategy consultant, performance coach and finance expert.